The second pre-release version for ISHDeploy.12.0.0 PowerShell module is now available

With the new items in this release you can in total:

  • Toggle UI features such as Content Editor, Quality Assistant, External Preview, Translation Job and Event Monitor tabs.
  • Integrate with an ADFS or another compliant 3rd party STS
  • Configure ISHSTS for Window Light Weight Authentication [New]
  • Configure ISHSTS’s relying parties [New]
  • Certificate roll overs. Among many options the most characteristic are
    • Single certificate vanilla deployment [New]
    • STS token signing certificate
    • Service certificate thumbprint [New]
  • Reset ISHSTS [New]

All above have an backing article

Known issues

  • Set-ISHSTSConfiguration is not working. You can’t do light weight windows authentication
  • Get-ISHDeployment | ForEach-Object {} doesn’t work as Frank Closset figured out in the workshop
  • Anything else that others find during the workshop

Where to reach out for feedback and questions?

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