We are getting closer to a final release of ISHDeploy. There are a couple of issues that need to be fixed and I do hope in short time we will offer a final first version.

As a reminder, ISHDeploy is a PowerShell automation module for SDL Knowledge Center 2016 Content Manager deployments. For more detailed analysis please refer to previews post. Each version of Content Manager (e.g. X.0.Z) is matched with a specific module named ISHDeploy.X.0.Z. During this week, engineering also released the new patch SDL Knowledge Center 2016 SP1 that includes Content Manager 12.0.1. For this reason, there are now two modules available in the PowerShell gallery:

  • ISHDeploy.12.0.0 for the Content Manager 12.0.0
  • ISHDeploy.12.0.1 for the Content Manager 12.0.1

You can always search for all ISHDeploy modules with these quick links:

To access the module and documentation per Content Manager version, please use this quick reference link.

As the latest and greatest for SDL Knowledge Center 2016 Content Manager is now on version 12.0.1, that means that ISHDeploy.12.0.1 will be also the referenced module. Since ISHDeploy was designed to facilitate streamline updates of the product we are providing same functionality to ISHDeploy.12.0.0 when possible.

Release details

The release artifacts are available on github. With the latest pre-release version v0.9 you can now

  • Pipe the output of all Get-ISH* cmdlets. e.g. Get-ISHDeployment can be piped. e.g. Get-ISHDeployment | ForEach-Object {$_}.
  • Specify multiple user roles in Set-ISHUIEventMonitorTab.
  • Configure ISHSTS using Set-ISHSTSConfiguration.
    • Enable windows authentication.
    • Update the token signing certificate.

Known issues

  • When the deployment is configured for light weight windows authentication, the described certificate rollover leaves the system broken. The workaround is to re-execute the Set-ISHSTSConfiguration -ISHDeployment $deploymentName -AuthenticationType Windows.
  • Set-ISHSTSConfiguration does not check if the windows authentication module is installed on IIS.

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