The team is exited to introduce tooling to allow easier installation and configuration of a SDL Knowledge Center 2016 Content Manager 12.0.0 deployment. ISHDeploy is a PowerShell module that enables the code as configuration concept for SDL’s Knowledge Center Content Manager (= LiveContent Architect = Trisoft InfoShare) service. 

The module is available for public use in PowerShell gallery. To quickly install the module and query the available deployments

PowerShell screenshot

  1. On a server with Content Manager deployments, open a PowerShell session with administrator rights.
  2. Execute Install-Module ISHDeploy.12.0.0 -Repository PSGallery -Force
  3. Execute Get-ISHDeployment

Please note that all ISHDeploy cmdlets that change files need administrator rights to function.

In the screenshot below you can notice I have two deployments named InfoShareORA and InfoShareSQL. These reflect my lab setup.

Short description and links are available in SDL Open Source initiatives named DITA. The code is open sourced and available on github 

What is does this pre-release offer?

  • Enable/Configure UI features
    • Enable Content Editor (XOPUS), quality assistant
    • Configure the Event Monitor tab
    • Enable the external preview
    • Security Token Service integration
      • Integrate a Vanilla deployment with a Security Token Service.
      • Issuer certificate rollover

All above functionality is fully backed by how-to articles available in the documentation portal. For more detailed information about the release noted on github.

What does pre-release mean

  • The set of the cmdlets is not yet complete.
  • All functionality is tested thoroughly. We are looking for feedback from experimental scripts.
  • Known issues
    • If you browse directly to then it is not resolving. We know the cause for this issue and we’ll address it with the next release.
    • In the change log the release name is incorrect.

Where to reach out for feedback and questions?

  • Bellow in the comment feeds
  • On the github repository

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